Sunday, December 11, 2011

Enchanted Forest

As a special anniversary gift, our dear friend Aliya Naumoff took these fantastic photos of us in our wedding attire. She's had work published all over the place, like in Nylon, Vice, Elle, NY Times, Rolling Stone as well as ads for Original Penguin and Dollhouse among others.

Her brother Adam is also incredibly talented and designed this enchanted forest set for a party that we were able to use. We are loving these photos! Don't they look like a story book?

One Year Anniversary

Mat and I had a wonderful first year of marriage. Most people say that nothing really changes once you're married, which is somewhat correct, but being married does make us feel more in love than ever. Mat is currently on tour with The Chevin in the UK. He's gone for three months, three long months.  I was able to pop over there for 10 days to celebrate our first anniversary together. The restaurant we ate at surprised us with this very impressive dessert spread. 

Monday, November 21, 2011

Style Me Pretty

Sarah just let me know that Style Me Pretty recently featured our wedding on their site, just in time for our one year anniversary. You can click the link above to see which photos they chose to share.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Love In The Garden

A few posts back, I mentioned how hard Mat was working putting up the trellises on our balcony. He had to cut them, arrange them and also painted them all white...back and front and all the sides. Later, he built 4 huge plantar boxes to go with them.

Then we got so caught up with the honeymoon planning that we didn't dedicate any more time to decorating the balcony. The thought of going another summer without being able to use our balcony really got me down, so when the girls suggested we go to the beach for the weekend, I jumped at the chance.

Mat stayed behind to work on music and called to say he was going to make us all dinner when we got back into town. He also said that he had a surprise for me. I thought maybe he was making tacos. When we got home, we saw that dinner wasn't made and Mat was nowhere to be found.

That's when I realized he was on the balcony, which was by the way, completely decorated! He bought all the plants, trees, arranged all the furniture, and he even built a coffee table and bench. I couldn't believe he had done all this in just 2 nights. He started on it as soon as we left and worked until 4am in a rush to finish it in time for our return.
We had a little bbq party that night on our gorgeous balcony for the first time ever and I'm loving how magical it looks back there. It's like a new room! I love my man so much!

Eastern European Honeymoon

Mat and I got back a week ago from our fantastic Eastern European adventure. We traveled to Budapest, Tirgu Mures, Sighisoara, Brasov, Bran, Sinaia, Bucharest, Crete, Athens, Manchester, and Leeds! All in 17 days. We're a little bit wiser, a little bit tanner, and a little bit heavier. I'm pretty sure we had an ice cream cone every day on our honeymoon!

Our favorite country we visited was Romania. The landscape there is luscious rolling green hills, the people are warm and inviting, and the architecture is incredible. The food is awful though. Mat's highlight was waking up super early in Sighisoara (Dracula's hometown) and roaming through the citadel before anyone else was up yet. My highlight was seeing the runaway bull charge down the center of the street in Sinaia and chased after by a pack of wild dogs.

In Budapest we met up with some friends and enjoyed some live bands. In Bucharest we learned all about their communist past and their hopeful future. We attended Mark and Kaki's wedding in Crete, and climbed the Acropolis in Athens. Our time in England was spent catching up with family and on our last day we visited Auntie Joyce. It was great seeing her again and visiting her home where Mat first proposed.

As great as it is to get away and travel, it's always good to come back home and share memories with our family and friends. And of course, we missed Magellan, who seemed very pleased to welcome us back home.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Link to Wedding Photos Off Costco

A lot of you have asked how to purchase photos from our wedding. The photos that are up on Pictage, please don't purchase from there! Obviously, they're way too expensive. Our photographer uploaded all the wedding photos there so that everyone had a link to go and view the photos. I've taken the best ones and uploaded to Costco, who are much more affordable!

Just head over to our group page on Costco to find the photos you're interested in. There are lots, so happy scrolling. If you don't find the ones you want, just email me and I'll add them up there. The photo files are just way too large to post on the blog or email.

Rock N Roll Bride Post

One of my favorite wedding blogs, Rock n Roll Bride, just posted photos of our wedding on their site. Kat has amazing taste in weddings, so we're very thrilled she included us on her blog! It's a definite must go to site for all brides with some edge in their style.  Lots of great inspiration!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Our Wedding Featured on Pretty As A Picture

Our amazing invitation illustrators over at Pretty As A Picture have just featured our wedding on their website. They offer letterpress wedding invites, custom art illustrations, and wedding dress portraits (which is the coolest idea and a great gift to a bride). 

During the whole engagement process, it was great working closely with Ailbhe (albeit via emails...she's in Ireland) to get our invites just right. And as I mentioned in a previous post, she's recently engaged too and I know her own wedding invitations are going to be stunning. Can't wait to see!